Workshops, Residencies, and Private Lessons

Workshops and Residencies in Foot Percussion, Songwriting, Creativity, and Community Storytelling are available for schools, libraries, and other venues, as single events, or long-term residencies.

Private lessons for children and adults are available in Amherst, MA, or through Skype.

Build & Play Foot Percussion Workshop 

Do Bring:


Pots, pans, scrap wood and metal, broken musical gear, rubber bands, velcro, springs, spoons, marbles, tubes, and other things that ring, chime, bang, thwack, swish, bump, and boom. You will take home anything you bring with you.

Don't Bring:

 Stuff that has splinters, rusty metal, sharp edges, heavy metal coatings, toxic chemicals, or anything else potentially dangerous!

Jay will provide gaffers tape, velcro, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and other mystery items. 


After a short presentation, we'll sit around with our stuff, and build percussion instruments that we can play with our feet. We’ll explore some basic rythyms, and jam. Jay will be on hand to come around and guide the process.

Jay plays electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, piano, and a funky, foot-driven percussion rig that he’s designed from found objects, recycled materials, and knocked-about, pried-apart drum gear.

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